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Questions and Answers


How do I contact you?


Please call 714-790-4066 if you would like to consult or schedule an appointment. I do not text message or email given that both pose risk to client confidentiality.


What services do you offer?


I offer in-person                                    and                                                                                         services. I similarly provide on and off-site consultative services and workshops for fellow clinicians, agencies, institutions, groups, and practices.   


 Do you take insurance?


I do not take insurance at this time. All services are considered "out-of-pocket," meaning that fees are directly charged to clients in their totality. However, I can provide superbills (summaries of paid services somewhat similar to invoices) for you to submit to your insurance provider. Some insurance providers offer reimbursement coverage for claims outlined on superbills. Fortunately, I have worked with a number of clients who have received 60% to 100% reimbursement. Please contact the benefits or consumer phone line on the back of your insurance card to determine if your plan accepts out-of-network services. Inquiring regarding your deductible and rate of reimbursement for out-of-network psychotherapy or psychodiagnostic testing may better clarify the anticipated cost of services for you. If seeking a psychotherapist or psychodiagnostic evaluator within your network, it may be helpful to similarly contact the number on the back of your insurance card in order to request a list of in-network referrals.


How do I contact the California Board of Psychology?


I earnestly invite open communication; please inform me of any concerns you may have over the course of treatment. You always have the right to contact the Board of Psychology should you have any questions or complaints regarding the practice of psychotherapy.

Board of Psychology

1625 North Market Boulevard, Suite N-215

Sacramento, CA 95834

866) 503-3221


Do you know of any resources?


Safety and Crisis-Related Resources

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (24-7 Availability; Call)

800-273-8255 (English and Spanish Crisis Counselors)

877-727-4747 (Korean Crisis Counselors)

877-272-4747 (Request Multilanguage Line for Other Language Crisis Counselors)

Orange County Warmline (24-7 Availability; Text or Call)

714-991-6412 (English Crisis Counselors)

Didi Hirsch Suicide Prevention (24-7 Availability; Text)

839863 (Text: "HEARME") (English Crisis Counselors)

Orange County Centralized Assessment Team (24-7 Availability; Call)

866-830-6011 (English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean, Cambodian, and Arabic Crisis Evaluators)

Lifeline Crisis Chat (24-7 Availability; Web Chat) (Click Link: "Click here to be linked to Lifeline Crisis Chat") (English Crisis Counselors)

California Youth Crisis Line (24-7 Availability; Call)

800-843-5200 (English and Multilanguage Crisis Counselors)

Teen Line (Monday-Friday 6 PM-10 PM Availability; Call)

800-852-8336 (English Peer-to-Peer Support by Teen Crisis Trainees)

Informational Resources

Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics

Internal Family Systems Institute

Association for Play Therapy

Sandplay Therapists of America

Functional Family Therapy

The Theraplay Institute

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